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Duet in Beirut


Authors: Evan Fallenberg, Mishka Ben-David
Language: English
Description for this eBook:

Expelled Mossad agent, Ronen, has disappeared following a failed assassination attempt on the life of the Hezbollah operative responsible for suicide bombings in Israel. Feared to be on an unauthorized mission that will bring catastrophe to his country, Ronen must be found and his former commander, Gadi, takes it upon himself to track him down. The resulting physical and intellectual scuffle between the two men becomes one of deeper, moral inquiry. “... high stakes, and the brutal complexity and fear of today’s fragmented Middle East ... Ben-David delivers spy thrillers with all the authenticity and inside knowledge of an ex-Mossad agent.” Simon Sebag Montefiore, author ofJerusalem: The Biography

Publisher: Book Promotions
Imprint: Faber and Faber
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  • ISBN: 9781905559589
  • Author(s): Evan Fallenberg

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